La mia piccola patria dietro la linea gotica.

Valentina, Italy.
speaking in tongues without any rhyme
ragged outcasts on the wastelands of time
easy rider coming down the road,
easy rider overload ‎~

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30 days otp challenge : day 9 hanging out with friends

"i think it’s time for you two to get a room or something."
"shut up niallier!"

… because this happened.

#and then#there is that absurd and startling moment#when you realize every single blog you follow can recognize this knee#to whom it belongs#what the rest of the body looks like that contains the knee#a knee got tens of thousands of notes#WE ARE SO HYPE ABOUT A KNEE YOU GUYS#the moral of the story is that if Harry Styles has us all so deep#that we are reblogging pictures of his knee#then we are never escaping from this (x)

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